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Disk Recovery Software and Hard Drive Recovery tool for Windows

Are you a victim of lost files and data from your computer? Well don’t panic or stress yourself, the files and data that you think you have lost or accidentally deleted in your hard drive are not lost permanently. This is why, in this fast moving, innovative and competitive world that we live in, people have come up with different software tools that you can use to recover and restore data or lost files from damaged, formatted or even corrupted hard drives and external disks. These tools go to an extent of initializing the disk when device is connected and also help you to get the data back from hard disks that are inaccessible. These tools vary in price and type, some of them can even be downloaded and installed for free, but they serve the same purpose.

Below are 3 disk recovery software and hard drive recovery tools for windows:


  1. Ease Us Data Recovery Wizard Software

This recovery software guarantees one 100% safety and efficiency when it comes to data recovery. The Software also provides a very powerful and fast scan features that not only scans the data area but also manages to restore lost files. The software is easy to use since it gives one clear directions on how one can scan and recover lost data from hard drive. The software is compatible with most widows.


  1. Restoration

This software is another popular data recovery tool. You can recover lost data using the Restoration software easily. It does not involve following complex procedures. Everything you need to recover lost data is on one program window. This software solution can recover lost files in USB drives, hard drives, memory cards and external hard disks. It is therefore a very versatile data recovery tool. Another merit of the Restoration software is in its size. You can run it from a flash disk since it is very small. Moreover, the software is also compatible with most versions of windows operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is however not compatible with Windows 8.


  1. Soft Perfect File recovery

This is another popular software solution to recover lost files on devices running on Windows operating systems. The software can recover lost or deleted files from hard drives, memory cards and any other device you use to store your data in. It is also small in size and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.


These disk and hard drive recovery tools are very flexible and easy for one to use in case he or she has lost his files or data, so buy or download one for the sake and safety of your data or files.